Latest Interior Design Ideas for 2023

Latest Interior Design Ideas for 2023

Interior design 2023 trends are quite vast. You can find some new textures, new materials, and new colours, however most importantly, all these together creates new feel to the rooms. It is nowadays utmost important to ensure that the interior designs can enhance the mood the place with serenity, or some fun. Patterned decorative designing and unique colour combinations will make your home interior stand out.

Here are some of the newest designs and materials used in Interior Design 2023:


Minimalist patterns with some warming colours are the trend of the year. Some ceramics that are hand-painted or pretty home decors will enhance the aesthetic look of the room. Gold-edged ceramic planter pots, gold-edged room separators, antique gold finish handles and holders, gold polished Buddha statues are the trend of the time. It is easy to incorporate these into your home with some simple ideas and neutral pallets. At Celeste Interio we make sure this aesthetic look is incorporated into our projects whether it is residential or commercial space.


Elegance has been the trend of the year especially when there is an element of mirrors or glass added to the space. Soothing ones, lighting, mirrors, and patterns are used in the background to highlight the wall. It adds mood and dimensions to the space and serves the purpose to the fullest. Concrete textures, warm lighting and flawless mirrors are always a best choice. Celeste Interio focuses on clean sleek lines and striking elements that gives ethnic design in modernity. This adds to give a serene and peaceful feel.


Who doesn’t love to have some extra storage space in your home? More storage means less mess and dust at home. It is always better to design your home interior with the intention of storage option whether it is in your living room or even in bedrooms. As you enter the home, the first thing is where do you drop your keys, wallet, and sunglasses? This should be a place that is quick accessible and at the same time kept safe and covered. This is where Celeste Interio would like to think different and craft something unique for each of our clients, such that, these things can be kept safe within a room separator, TV Unit or even in a wall art that has secret hiding space.


Of course, cabin can be used to store things, but not all cabins are meant for this. Some classy looking curve cabinetries can be used to showcase crockery, vine glasses or even some decorative items. These will not only highlight the space to have a luxury feel but will also help in easy access. The curve shape of these design will help in easy cleaning and less dust being accumulated at the corners. And if there are young children at home, you need not be worried about the corner that will hinder their free space.


People are back to the concept of furniture where you can sit together. Furniture designs are exploring the options where two people can be seated together for a movie time, or for some discussions or even to just grab a cup of coffee. These seating options are for less formal areas where you are in your comfort zone and want to have some good time with your closed ones.


Lighting places a very important role in interior designing whether it is a residential or commercial project. Though lighting has been always a significant factor, in the recent times it is emphasising different shape and colours that can sink well with other materials and fabrics in the room. For instance, fabric lighting, Marble lighting, see-through interior materials through with light can pass and highlight the texture of the material, cool white hues, lamps with different shades option according to the mood, movable wall lights or lamps.


With work from home being the new normal, every other person would like that a home office setup which must be easily accessible, which is sleek and has less distraction. This area in the house is usually where there is less footprints and a place that is not occupying much carpet area in your house. All the paperwork, mess and stress will stand out of the living room but still you are in a space where you can quickly shift from a work-person to home-person.


Irregular patterns or abstract designs has been the trend of the time. This includes something more specific to the client lifestyle or their life story. At Celeste Interio, we understand what each client’s requirement is and craft something unique that recites their life story or something that is very close to their heart. It can be a place they visited or an event in their life or simply a design that is very simple and elegant.


When client is looking for minimalistic home styling, cylindrical chandeliers are always a go to option. These not only adds elegance but also ensure easy fixtures and cleaning. This is a choice of clean design with a touch of luxury. Whether it is for a residential or professional set up, these cylindrical chandeliers are always a go to option for interior designers especially in the year 2023.


As far as client loves it, nothing can go out of fashion. Golden tones or silver tones in home interior designing has enabled a sense of luxury. Having a dream house is manifested by every person, at Celeste Interio, we ensure to design your dreams to reality.

All these interior designing ideas will enhance the look of your space and will give you a feel of soothing and peaceful interiors. We encourage to explore as many options as you can before finalizing an interior designer. There are lot of interior designers out the market, but only a professional will be ale to guide you with what is best for your needs at an affordable cost. Celeste Interio is here to provide this professional service at affordable cost without compromising on the quality.

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