CELESTE INTERIO Living Room Interiors
A Modern Living Room With A TV Unit This living room is designed to utilise space efficiently to give this area a clutter-free look. It comes with sectional sofa upholstered with pockets on the side to store magazines and newspapers.

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Need Ideas to Design living Room?

If you need inspiration for living room designing, professionals at Celeste Interio can help you. Refer our website and Instagram profile for some pictures and ideas that help you renovate or design your living room. Some of the common living room styles are country, minimalist and modern. This will help you to decide the right materials, colour and furniture needed to create the living room a better place.

What wall Colour Should I Use in My living Room?

Creating a balanced atmosphere in the living room is essential as this is where people spend most of the time. Choosing vivid or cool colours and pastel tones are as per client’s wish. Usually, for rooms that are smaller in size, choosing white walls or even pastel tones will be appropriate. Bold colours can be considered to reduce the impression of space. In larger rooms, application of vivid colours and bold textures and pattern is optional depending on the style people prefer.

How to Design My living Room?

Space availability, furniture to be used, colours, patterns and accessories needs to be chosen wisely. Have a good idea of these is crucial irrespective of the room size. Using carpets and furniture can balance the look by offering enough space for seating yet keep the design to the minimal. At Celeste Interio we make clever selection of colours, textures, and materials to make the place look spacious.

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